McJunkin Graveyard in Union County SC

Some photos of the extant markers from the old McJunkin Cemetery in Union County SC are set forth below.  The well-known Revolutionary War veteran, Major Joseph McJunkin (1755-1846), is buried here.  The cemetery is located near Highway 176 and is on private property. The pictures were sent to me by Mr. Morgan Freeman and were taken by members of the Union County Historical Society.  Society member, Renee’ Alexander, provides the following comment:

Phillip Arnold owns this property and he welcomes anyone that wishes to see it. We do however, recommend that if in the future you wish to visit this cemetery, that you call us so that we can either take you there or help you reach Mr. Arnold. I can tell you that it has been maintained in its natural surroundings but had it not been for Mr. Arnold, we would have never found it. I can also tell you that it is on a slight hill and that the markers are still in good shape to have been around for so long. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email the Chamber at or call toll free: 1-877-202-8755.




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